A-Z Coffee by Lars Huse


If you might know I’m a little coffee geek. I like the smell of coffee in the morning, the taste of freshly brewed coffee and first of all the passion of people who try to make good coffee without just pushing a button of a fully automatic coffee machine.

I’m also into people who try to express themselves creatively. A few while ago I stumbled over Lars Huse. Lars is a young Norwegian illustrator, artist and, how he calls himself, a coffee-supergeek.


With a focus on the conceptual he, who is one third of the creative collective cupofill, has done a lot of t-shirt designs, Live-illustration performances, murals and a lot more for several clients like hunting lodge. Last friday the London based artist released his latest project the A-Z Coffee book.


The book is meant to be a conversational guide about coffee and the coffee culture. Because of his work as an illustrator and the fact that he wanted to close the gap between design, coffee and normally boring guides he has created an awesome art book within the last six months which is unrivalled in its class. „The book is Aesthetically quite simple, classic contemporary, with subtlety in line and production“ as he says and I think he’s damn right with that. By speaking the language of today’s generations and describing everything with wonderful artworks he has created a book that is able to attract coffee geeks and noobs in equal measure. Especially for the art book he got together with like-minded coffee geek and Graphic Designer Harald Johnsen Vøyle and crafted this contemporary classic guide. If you want to improve your coffee skills, learn something about the little brown beans or just want to have a look at lovely illustrations I recommend you to have a look at his website or facebook site to get more information.



Hi, ich bin Florian. Meinen Kaffee und meine Kleidung mag ich eher Schwarz. Ich schaue gerne in die Ferne, laufe ihr dabei auch mal ein Stück entgegen. Mehr von mir findet ihr auf Instagram.

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