LG DM2350D review


After I had already tested the LG DM2350D as a computer monitor I used it within the last weeks as a television too. Because of the integrated Hybridtuner with DVB-T, DVB-C HD (MPEG4 AVC) and PAL/SECAM-cable reception it is very easy to use the DM2350D as a tv.

As I already mentioned in my first review the monitor has two HDMI/DVI inputs, a Scart, PC D-sub with minijack audio, USB and component AV are mounted. There’s also a RS232 control port, an optical digital audio output and last but not least a headphone jack at the backside. Hereby you‘re easily able to connect your computer/notebook and your sound system with the monitor. The video file support is wonderful, covering MKV, AVI, MP4 and DivX. Music is restricted to MP3 format and JPEG files can be shown with a standard slideshow.



The LG DM2350D is a lightweight and has already some gaps at its backpanel whereby you can fix it without any interference at a wall. When you use the montior via the integrated Hybridtuner you are able to have a look at the offered videotext and the electronic program guide which is very nice. During the UEFA european championship or the upcoming Olympic Games I recommend you to connect your notebook with the monitor and stream the games. Because of the fact that the DM2350D is able to convert any 2D source into 3D you can have a look at Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt closer than ever before. All in all I‘m still convinced by this wonderful product also because of its cheap price.

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