Stroke Urban Art Fair Berlin 2012


When the two Schwalbe brothers instituted their first Stroke Art Fair in Munich 2009 they just wanted to give Urban Art and Streetart the kind of plattform it deserves. Now, three years and seven exhibitions later they proudly can say destination-reached-let’s-go-further.

Although Urban Art isn’t accepted as displayable art in an exhibition context by all people yet the fair was able to note down large attendance again. Additional to that people visibly had been more interested in Urban Art and the work in progress behind these artworks like the years before. Thereby a huge part of the audience attended also the live painting session on friday and saturday where they were able to have a look at Plotbot Ken or the Orbit119 Crew spinning their cans.

Beside well-known artists and galleries like knz clan, Chimera-Project or The Weird also Haus75, Sam Crew and Morten Andersen had been worth seeing.






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