A few weeks ago I received a Jawbone BIGJAMBOX for testing purposes. The JAMBOX and the BIGJAMBOX are small wireless speakers which can be connected to any device via Bluetooth or – if your device doesn’t inherit Bluetooth – via cable.

The BIGJAMBOX is available in red, white and graphite the JAMBOX additionally in blue and black. A nice feature hereby is that the charger and the audio cable are the same color as your chosen speaker. Beside that all cases are designed in a different style like a red dotted case or a black diamond one. At first sight the small speakers seem to be expensive accessories instead of useful audio equipment but after they have been paired with your device they will teach you better.


Nevertheless if you play games, watch movies or listen to music on your paired device the speakers stream any type of audio signal and that up to 85 dB or in other words even loud enough for a 60m2 huge space.

The built-in battery service life claimed performance is about fifteen hours depending on volume and usage – I have tested it during a seven hour Kohlfahrt and the performance still was alright.


Some nice add-ons are the control system via mobile device, the LiveAudio feature and the hands-free function. When your device is connected to your speaker you’re for example able to control it via applications or to have a look at the battery status. Beside that you’re able to update your JAMBOX to receive audio notifications or to change the speaker’s voice. A really cool feature is the hands-free function. As I already mentioned you’re able to stream any audio signal from your mobile device to your speakers so they can also be used for business or conference calls. The built-in microphone hereby gives you a nice looking well working hands-free device. And if this won’t be enough the hands-free function can be improved by some applications so that you’re for example able to dictate emails. LiveAudio offers you a 3D sound experience in only one speaker, just place it in the middle of a room, close your eyes and feel like you’re attending a concert.

Although the JAMBOX for 199,-€ or the BIGJAMBOX for 299,-€ seem to be overpriced design accessories they are good value. The speakers are good-looking, well working and last but not least because of their update function they won’t get technically outdated.

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