Since a long time I’m a fan of HEIMPLANET. Well fan is the wrong word because I’m convinced of the quality of their products and their work at least since I was able to test one of their tents on my own. Beside their tents, beanies and other supplies they also released their own bag series called Monolith.

„The MONOLITH Series is a luggage system which is built for the modern explorer. In combination with the detachable pouches of the VOLUME+ Series, the MONOLITH Series has solutions for daily use as well as longer journeys. The MONOLITH Series provides the functionality of outdoor equipment and adds flexibility with integrated MOLLE webbings. The design is minimalistic and focuses on archetypal volumes, and allows versatility with detachable pouches.“1

Due to the fact that I had been looking for a good rucksack for a long time I bought their 50L+ rucksack. The rucksack is 65 x 32 x 28 cm (L x B x H) or 76 x 32 x 28 cm (L x B x H) maximum size large and weighs about 2,1 kg – including a removable aluminum frame. The bags are crafted with 840D Ballistic Nylon PU and 1680D Ballistic Nylon PU, the same material which is for example used for motorcycle jackets.
Like other backpacks the rucksack offers two shoulder straps, a chest strap and a hip belt. A unique feature hereby is that you’re able to remove the cushion of the hip belt for example if you want to use the bag for cycling or at least totally hide the belt for example if you use the bag for your daily business life like I do beside traveling. The top of the bag can be locked with two Titanium G-Hooks. For quick access for example to easily reach the padded laptop sleeve the rucksack also has a large waterproof zipper on the side.

There is also a zipper for quick access to the sleeping bag pocket on the front. If you don’t carry a sleeping bag you can open the inner sleeping bag pocket zipper to enlarge the inside of the rucksack. As you’re able to see within the pictures there are several webbings on the rucksack and the other items of the MONOLITH SERIES. This M.O.L.L.E. system allows you to increase the Volume with the help of four different sized Volume + pouches. Hereby you’re also able to give your bags a personal touch.

Using the Monolith for the 1st time …

I first used the HEIMPLANET Monolith Rucksack for a camping trip to Hvide Sande. Then also to a trip to Aarhus, to the hiking at the Brocken, to a recent trip to Switzerland and last but not least for my work. There is enough space for camping supplies, clothes and a wetsuit, enough space for a snowboard outfit, christmas presents and a jogging outfit or enough space for a laptop, tea, a camera, a blow-up-pillow and even more. Or in other words it is the first bag that I recommend from a fashion and a technical view both.

To get more into their Monolith range they also produced a video for each bag whereby you’re also easily able to understand all the details and the icing on the cake.

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