Muse MH-07DS dynamo multi-band radio


Due to the fact that we had been ramping our camping equipment a little bit and that we are generally into music or to being informed we were looking for something like an outdoor radio. Beside important facts like sustainability you just don’t want to carry new/used batteries with you all the time wherefore we had a look at a radio with a gear crank.

After some research we found a perfect solution called Muse MH-07DS hybrid dynamo multi-band radio 1. The MH-07DS is a nice looking radio with dynamo gear crank and solar power supply. Combined with the built-in rechargeable battery it’s 100% self-powered – therefore it solves out requirements of sustainability and avoidable electronic scrap.

Radio rules …

Amongst a FM/MW/SW1/SW2 World Receiver the MH-07DS comes with a mobile phone/mp3 player charger and an USB cable/mobile phone connector (DC 5V). To cut a long story short you’re able to charge your electronic devices via solar or with the built-in gear crank – believe me when I tell you that it works. If you like to listen to music on your own you’re able to use the built-in earphone jack. Beside these features the radio comes with a 3-LED-flashlight and an emergency siren – just in case you have to advise someone of yourself.

Up to now we’ve been able to test the radio during our tip to Aarhus and Hvide Sande and everything worked out well. Whether we were cooking, chilling in the sun or warming ourself with whisky-tea we felt well accompanied by the little gadget. Although it’s not waterproof it perfectly fits our needs and while we’re waiting for the next camping trip we’re listening to it in our kitchen.

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