Wiesn hibernation


The laughter has left Munich. The sweet smell of sweat faded away and lost its jobticket.

The memories of dates with Villeroy & Boch have been washed away by rain. The lights have been switched off.

The leverage of small happy worlds and the Himmel über Bayern are resting there like decayed bodies of dinosaurs.

The Guade Laune is stowed away,



Mankind is reclaiming its environment. Sobriety comes back and asks the kitchen-sink drama for a dance. Dance you little marionettes, dance.
But don’t worry. After the rain comes sun and within a few weeks we’re again absorbing fun with our mother’s milk. Oans, zwoa, g’suffa!



Hi, ich bin Florian. Meinen Kaffee und meine Kleidung mag ich eher Schwarz. Ich schaue gerne in die Ferne, laufe ihr dabei auch mal ein Stück entgegen. Mehr von mir findet ihr auf Instagram und Twitter.