#seasonopener 2014th/2015th – Winter finally arrived


Since I’ve been 2 years old I never spent less days on skis or a snowboard than I did during the 2013th/2014th season. Maybe fate thought „This should not happen again“ wherefore I moved to Munich in March 2014. Beside a short day at the Zugspitze and two days in Solda accompanied by a stupid injury in the snow park the season was definitely over.

Forget about the past – change the future!


Unfortunately the current season started like the last one ended. Austria was able to record some snow in the middle of december, some kind of baseless snow which is responsible for the high avalanche risk, Switzerland and Italy breathed a sigh of relief at the end of december but are still looking for a 2nd visit by Mother Hulda.



Nevertheless good things come to those who wait therefore I’ve finally been able to open my winter season 2014th/2015th too. Thanks Rainer for the recommendation, it’s definitely a snowvalley.




Hi, ich bin Florian. Meinen Kaffee und meine Kleidung mag ich eher Schwarz. Ich schaue gerne in die Ferne, laufe ihr dabei auch mal ein Stück entgegen. Mehr von mir findet ihr auf Instagram.