Haus 75 – Vernissage at Farbenladen


In the middle of a dull and grey winter a glimpse of colour improves your mood indescribably. Fortunately Sebastian Wandl, Matthias Mross and Lion Fleischmann aka Haus 75 opened their annual exhibition yesterday evening at Farbenladen. Haus 75 – Vernissage at Farbenladen.

Since I got to know Sebastian and Matthias at the 2012 Berlin Stroke I followed their progress. Beside the bright impressive colours that they’re into I mostly enjoy their complexity. Although the three artist live and work together as Haus 75 their style is very diverse – illustrations with fat outlines meet keen elaborated canvasses.

Their exhibition displays that wide range very well. If you don’t know that the exhibition consists only of three different artists you might think you have a look at artworks of a bunch of people. It’s just formidable.

Several hundred people have been able to experience that yesterday too. If you haven’t been able to attend don’t worry. The exhibition is additionally open on January 23rd to 25th and 30th to February 1st from 4pm to 9pm.

Thanks also to ABSOLUT Vodka and Paulaner for their support and laut von leise for the good planning.

Hi, ich bin Florian. Meinen Kaffee und meine Kleidung mag ich eher Schwarz. Ich schaue gerne in die Ferne, laufe ihr dabei auch mal ein Stück entgegen. Mehr von mir findet ihr auf Instagram.