Skiing and sightseeing in Bavaria


Although we all like our job we wouldn’t trade five minutes of spare-time for one hour of work. Leisure time is very important to me and I’m not into spending that time with being a couch-potato. Last friday I checked the forecast and the predictions had been very well for nearby skiing regions. So after a short night and a bloody fight with my snooze button I went to the skiing arena Spitzingsee Alpenbahnen.



It’s been my first time and I’m really stoked of the skiing region. The arena offers a lot of different tracks for beginners and expert winter sports person. Beside that the coniferous forest land is just wonderful for a forest freestyle session. Additionally the area has a nice cream topping aka the MINI Snowpark.

„The MINI Snowpark at the Spitzingsee ski area is a highlight for snowboarders and ranks among the top three snowparks in Germany.“ 1 – and it’s for real a winter wonderland. Although my skills are a bit rusty cause of my last season I’m definitely looking forward to my next ride. Because of some to-dos on saturday afternoon I left Spitzingsee early in the afternoon.



On sunday we visited the monastery of Andechs near Ammersee. The „monastery is the oldest pilgrimage church in Bavaria and since 1850, an asset of the Benedictine monastery, St. Boniface, in Munich.“ 2 The building itself isn’t huge but it was nevertheless worth to be visited. After that we drove to Herrsching to call it a day. The Ammersee is indeed really beatufil and I think it’s an amazing hot spot during summer.






I hope your weekend was great too.

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