Exploring Chile’s coast – Viña del Mar


Santiago de Chile isn’t only the capital of Chile it’s also at a central point. From several bus stations like Terminal Alameda / Universidad de Santiago, Terminal Norte / Cal y Canto or Terminal San Borja / Estación Central you can travel to almost every place in Chile. The buses or rather public transport itself are cost-saving so long as you have much time.

Due to the fact that we hadn’t been at the beach so far very much and because hiring a car would be too expensive we decided to travel to Viña del Mar.

Viña del Mar […], is a city and commune on central Chile’s Pacific coast. Often referred as „La Ciudad Jardín“ („The Garden City“), Viña del Mar is located within the Valparaíso Region, and it’s Chile’s fourth largest city […]. Viña del Mar is known for its placid resorts, malls, extensive coastal high buildings, hotels and various entertainment venues. The city attracts an important influx of national as well as international visitors throughout the year.1

Once you’re in Viña del Mar …

An One-Way-Ticket from Santiago to Viña del Mar costs about 2.000 $ which is at least 3,-€. If you already know your date of return you should buy a return (Ida y vuelta) too because these tickets are cheaper than One-Way only tickets. Traveling to Viña takes only about one and a half hours and the buses are cozy wherefore the trip is laid-back. Once in Viña you’re able to take a bus or the Metro Valparaiso to reach your final destination.

Unfortunately the Metro station at the central station had been closed for alterations wherefore we decided to go to our hostel by feet. Our home for the next days was supposed to be Hostal Recreo.2 The small hostel is located in a tradition neighborhood near Recreo which is about 5km away from the centre. The hostel has lovely rooms and a shared kitchen which we used with pleasure the following days.

Spending leisure time right…

Within the subsequent days we explored the city and the nice sea front. Although the city centre isn’t as huge as the one of Santiago we both enjoyed the ado. One day we drove to Salinas which is Viña del Mar’s surf spot. The spot is an onshore break with a high frequency of larger waves and it’s been about 15°C cold. I’ve never had the chance before to surf the Pacific Ocean wherefore I got two times sucked over. Nevertheless it’s been a wonderful experience.

If you don’t have a wetsuit or a surfboard you’re able to rent or buy one. A surf rental and a shop are opposite the spot and renting the equipment for a day costs about 20,-€. If you’re more into urban art and the colourful Latin American culture instead of surfing you have to check out Valparaiso but that’s another story.

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