Cone and Rookie THE WEIRD at Deadline Urban Art Festival Munich


Last weekend the first Deadline Urban Art Festival took place in Munich. About 25 artists have been invited to paint the 1200m² huge wall at the Schlachthof / Viehhof area. An entire review will follow soon but as a little appetizer I’ll show you the mural of my dear friends Cone and Rookie of THEWEIRD crew.

As you might know THE WEIRD are an artist collective of ten artists who beside their different styles share the same passion and creativity. The 2011 founded collective is one of only a few families that I know who always try to create a continuous picture language within their murals. Although each of them has different interests and styles all of their murals are an inherently consistent artwork. For me as a part of the audience it’s just entertaining to look at their work process and the final piece.

Have a safe trip and hope too see you again soon dudes.

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