Beard love – How I groom my facial hair


I guess since I’m thirteen I’m growing facial hair. After being the proud owner of a fuzz beard my beard styles changed with my age and especially the seasons.

Example given spring, spring, spring, summer, summer, summer, autumn and winter.

Morning routine …

More important than which type of beard I’m wearing is the fact that I have to treat it well. Like you’re brushing your teeth twice or thrice a day you also have to take care of your beard at least two times per day. Normally I’m going to brush my beard in the morning before I’m taking a shower. If my skin dried out over night I just like to remove these skin particles. Instead of a hair brush I’m using a special beard brush to achieve better results. My partner in crime hereby is the OAK beard brush1. The handle is made from oiled oak wood which sits very comfortably in the hand and the irregular-sized wild boar bristles don’t only smell good they additionally really peel your skin.

Which tools do you need ..

Beside that ‚brushing vitalizes the skin, stimulates the sebaceous production and prevents a dry beard‘. After brushing my beard I head to the shower. Although I use shower gel for my body and shampoo for my normal hair I don’t use soap or anything comparable for my beard. Because of the fat that soap desiccates your facial hair I recommend to use rinse water only. You can also borrow some conditioner from your girlfriend every now and then but that won’t change your hair structure. If you nevertheless want to use shampoo you should use a beard shampoo like these ones from

The 1, 2, 3 …

If I need to have a shave I’m going to wet my skin with warm water first and then use additionally a warm towel which I place on my skin for several minutes. Through this I’m able to open my porosities. Moisturized – foamed skin is also easier to shave than dry – foamed skin so please use a fistful of warm water. For foaming in I use a shaving brush with badger hair. Shaving needs not that much explanation and although I’m nearly thirty I still cut myself every now and then. My preferred razor is a classic Mühle R89 safety razor2 with a closed comb. I just love this tiny chrome-plated metal manly tool.

It’s all about the beard oil …

When I’ve had a shave and don’t look like a wood gnome anymore I get back to my daily routine again – the skin care. Beside removing dried out skin you have to moisturize your facial hair and the skin beneath. To achieve the best results hereby I’m using beard oil. Within the last years I’d used several beard oils but the best one I’ve just recently found. Within the last years diy and handcrafted products got more and more important to society. The products often are more sustainable, the ingredients are organic and thus more healthy and by buying such products you stop supporting soulless corporations. Bastian Beyer, founder of Beyer’s Oil, has been into organic and handcrafted products for several years. Beside that he’s also a well bearded man. After quite a few test runs he recently released his first beard oil called Eisenkraut. His oil consists of all natural oils of organic jojoba, lemon verbena (Eisenkraut), bergamot & lavender which are expensive and high-class ingredients.

I‚m using the oil once a day which is enough. After that I comb my beard once with a KENT 82T saw-cut comb3, apply some pomade and moustache wax to keep my beard in shape and then comb my beard again before I finally leave the house. Before I’m going to bed in the evening I just brush my beard a second time et Voilà my beard and I are happy.

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