Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires – European meets South American culture


After more than a week it’s been time to leave Chile. Except of a road trip to the south of Chile we had only been able to visit the centre of Chile. At first we’d visited Santiago and San Jose del Maipo before we’d headed to Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. Last but not least we’d been to Pichilemu which is Chile’s surf capital.

Pichilemu hereby had been a spot of rest and balance whereas Santiago seemed to be full of hustle and bustle. Our host told us that the citizens are stressed because of the high theft and crime rate. It’s hard for them to really calm down inside that hustle wherefore they’re overcharged and a bit bugged out.

Although we’d not been able to visit Patagonia visiting Chile had been wonderful. But for that we’d only been looking forward to our next destination which was meant to be Buenos Aires.

Hola Buenos Aires

In the evening we had arrived at the Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini de Ezeiza where we took a cab to our hotel. Our hotel wasn’t that far away from the airport so about fifteen minutes later we arrived at Babel Recoleta1. Within the first five minutes they’d won my heart with three simple words – you got upgraded. Due to the fact that the hotel hadn’t been fully booked they offered us a bigger apartement for the same price and we’d been quite happy about it. After we had had a shower we grabbed some empanadas near our accommodation and went to bed shortly after our meal.

After a short night and a delicious breakfast we went for a walk. It’s been sunday so we headed to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. The museum owns a huge collection of international artists like Degas, van Gogh or Courbet but also modern ones like Pollock and for sure Argentinian artists. Temporarily there’s an exhibition about Scandinavian art. To remain true to our culture day we headed to Palermo next.

Beautiful Palermo, home of creativity

Palermo Soho and Palermo Viejo are two of the cultural hotspots of Buenos Aires. Beside famous Argentinians like Jorge Luis Borges and Che Guevara especially the european immigrants coined that part of the city. Today Palermo is still able to count on its creative groups. You’re able to enjoy beautiful murals or just hangout in wonderful concept stores. Example given I stumbled upon Black Room Tattoo Studio & Store which is a tattoo, fashion and book store. Beside that they serve delicious coffee but that would have been more imported within the following days.

Within the following days we explored the city, had a look at Eva Peron’s grave at Recoleta’s cemetery and been to Delta del Tigre. Although we mostly got from A to B by foot we also used the public transport. Public transport in general is very expensive in Germany wherefore it’s fascinating for me how cheap e.g. taking the tube can be and how well boarding and deboarding can work. If you’ve ever been to the German highway you might know that at least the zipper method doesn’t work here.

Food, drinks. Food, drinks. And food.

If you might know I’m a bit into coffee. While visiting the Black Room Tattoo Studio & Store I enjoyed a delicious espresso brewed with some third wave beans. The barista there recommended to have a look at the LAB training center & coffee shop. LAB is a wonderful coffee shop and roastery and beside delicious coffee they serve wonderful whole wheat pastries. You definitely have to check out their spot if you’re in Buenos Aires.

In the evening we’d been looking for a restaurant to have supper. I’m really into foursquare especially on vacation. We’d been looking for an Argentinian meal at an affordable price. Unfortunately the filters like e.g. amount of price and tastes depend on personal feel. As you might imagine the estimated restaurant hasn’t been what we’d been looking for so we headed back to our accommodation. On our way back we stumbled upon La Querencia which is just the thing we’d been looking for. The restaurant is cozy, serves mouthwatering Argentinian food and the staff is wonderful. If I’d be living in Buenos Aires I’d be there at least once a week.

Prancing. Around a football.

The next day we’ve been to another wonderful sightseeing spot. BA is well-known for Tango. Everywhere you’re able to see people dancing Tango especially in La Boca. Beside some serious Tango and the well-known bright coloured houses, the caminitos, La Boca is the home of soccer. In the heart of that quarter you’ll find La Bombonera aka the Estadio de Boca Juniors. Depending on international championships the Bocas are the 3rd successful soccer team after Real Madrid and AC Milan. Having a look at the inside of the stadium costs about 20€ if you’re into guided tours you have to pay something around 30€. We only had the cheap one but nevertheless it’s been a wonderful experience.

Buenos Aires

Later that day we had a look at the El Ateneo Grand Splendid. Due to my studies I’ve been to several libraries and book stores but the El Ateneo is just breathtaking. In 2000 the Teatro Grand Splendid has been converted into a book store which isn’t only ‘one of the biggest bookstores in South America’2 but maybe also the most beautiful one in the world. While standing in the middle of the gallery it’s been really hard for me to deal with this wonderful view.

The following day we headed to Rio de Janeiro again to compete our return.

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