#RoadToHell42 – 48 days left and I’m in good shape


About twenty days ago I enrolled the München Marathon. I knew that the 42,195 kilometres not only mean that I have to do a halfmarathon twice but also that it’ll hurt like I run a half marathon thrice.

Therefore I rescheduled my training the last three weeks and started eating kilometres. Up to now I ran 106km, burned 6.639 calories and ran nearly 9 hours. Beside that I did fourteen freeletics sessions and I’ve been biking twice too.

Day Run Freeletics Bike
Saturday 1st
Sunday 2nd Aprodite – Endurance 30km
Monday 3rd 10km track and field Metis – Endurance
Tuesday 4th Dione – Standard
Wednesday 5th 11,5km easy going
Thursday 6th
Friday 7th 23,5km long run
Saturday 8th Aphrodite – Standard
Sunday 9th 28km
Monday 10th 10km track and field intervall Metis – Standard
Tuesday 11th
Wednesday 12th 10,2km easy going
Thursday 13th
Friday 14th Prometheus – Standard
Metis – Endurance
Saturday 15th 30,5km long run
Sunday 16th Morpheus – Standard
Persephone – Standard
Monday 17th
Tuesday 18th
Wednesday 19th
Thursday 20th Morpheus – Standard
Persephone – Endurance
Friday 21st Morpheus – Standard
Nyx – Standard
Metis – Standard
Saturday 22nd
Sunday 23rd 10,2km easy going

Due to the fact that I’d got a little cold this week I hadn’t been able to do more runs but maybe it’s fine to rest once in a while. During my first marathon training weeks I put the focus on doing more runs wherefore I tried to do at least two 10km and one 20km run. Within the next weeks I’m going to do two 20km runs the first week and the following one a 35km run.

Because of the fact that I’m doing sports nearly four times a week I try to get more and more into nutrition and supplements. Beside my daily dose of protein I take a zinc, a omega-3 fatty acid and a magnesium tablet each everyday. Additionally I drink at least one HIGH5 zero1 fizzy tablet per day. Within the next days I’ll also add some BCAA’s by egg2 to improve my recovery.

Nevertheless there is still a lot of training left so I have to turn up the music and make it count.

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