Oh beautiful, Bavaria …


During my lunch break on friday I went for a walk. Due to the fact that the Oktoberfest will start soon I just wanted to have a look at the building process and maybe take a few pictures. Unfortunately the area is closed during the day wherefore I haven’t been able to take a good one.

Because of the fact that I don’t like to finish something without having a good result I at least decided to cycle around the ensemble of the Bavaria to have a look at the whole area by once. While cycling around the ensemble consisting of the Bavaria, a bronze sand-cast 19th-century female personification of the Bavarian homeland1, the Ruhmeshalle, which is a hall of fame, and a long stairway I noticed a door at the pedestal and a man going into it.

The man was a guard who asked me to enter the Bavaria and to have a look at the inside. What I didn’t know before is that the 18,52m huge sculpture has been build by using the hollow bronze casting process. From 1843–1850 Leo von Klenze who has also been responsible for the Alte Pinakothek casted the Bavaria divided into several component parts. Beside five huge parts including the head, breast, hips, lower part and the lion the statue consists of several smaller ones like the hands.

Although the statue is less than 19 metres high you have to climb more than 120 steps to reach the inside of her head. There you’re able to have a seat on a bronze sofa and have a look at the Theresienwiese through one of four portholes.

For less than 4,-€ per adult it’s a nice sightseeing spot at least if you’re also somehow into the Wiesn. The woman in bronze can be visited from 1st of April until 15th of October from 9am to 6pm, during the Wiesn until 8pm.2

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