Handiversary – Happy birthday Screaming Hand


Being a child of the 80′s and 90’s didn’t only affect my music and movie preferences it additionally shaped my life in general.

I grew up with hip hop, rock, metal and disco music at the same time while my baggy pants lived a hange loose live around my knees. Running has indeed been difficult with a Freeman T. Porter hanging so low you haven’t been able to say if you still wear it or already doffed them.

We’ve all been Kids

We had mobile phones as huge and heavy as a brick and we had skateboards. Some of us had been really good ones others just tried to be good. If you had ever been into skateboarding you might know that just trying to give your best and having fun is enough to be a skater. We went to flea markets just to buy beeswax candles which we later used to make stairs and anything else more grindable. And we watched Kids. Actually that movie still drives me nuts today. And I’m in love with it at the same time. And I’m not alone with that feeling. Recently I met Alex from welikethat and he thinks the same about the movie. This year it’s the 20th anniversary of Kids and there is also a kickstarter campaign for a movie about the kids behind Kids. But back to the point.

Who am I? Who do I look up to?

We’ve been young and childishly stupid but in a positive way. We hadn’t known who we are wherefore we looked for something to express our feelings. One iconic symbol of my childhood had been the Screaming Hand by Jim Phillips. While sitting in a small art studio on the Eastside of Santa Cruz in 1985 the hand popped into Jim’s mind. What was meant to be the logo for Santa Cruz Speed Wheels soon became the symbol of several generations. Simple, unique and punchy.

Happy Handiversary

In honor of Jim Phillips and his Screaming Hand logo, Santa Cruz Skateboards has invited over 50 artists of the past 30 years to interpret and pay homage to this iconic image. Inter alia Flying Förtress from JBCB and Jeremy Fish accepted that invitation and created wonderful artworks.

All works are displayed at a circulating exhibition which will be at the Konzulat gallery Berlin until September 10th before they`ll move to Les Ateliers Paris. If you’re into skateboarding, subculture or just art you should definitely have a look at the #Handiversary exhibition.

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