RoadToHell42 – 26 days left aka f*ck


After I published the post about my last progress I’d been really looking forward to the upcoming sessions. Unfortunately my body hadn’t been as motivated as my mind. #RoadToHell42 – 26 days left aka f*ck this Marathon.

During the last three weeks I only ran about 77km, burned 5.270 calories and ran about 6 hours which is three hours less than after my earlier post. Although I did only one freeletics session more I think that I did more exhausting ones this times. Or maybe I just want to put lipstick on the pig.

Day Run Freeletics Biking
Monday 24th
Tuesday 25th Persephone – Standard
Athena – Standard
Wednesday 26th 15,02 km
Thursday 27th Metis – Standard
Persephone – Endurance
Friday 28th
Saturday 29th 10,2 km Gym Session
Sunday 30th
Monday 31st 4,67 track and field intervall
4,61 track and field intervall
Krios – Standard
Tuesday 1st Metis – Endurance
Prometheus – Standard
Wednesday 2nd Metis – Standard
Persephone – Standard
Nyx – Standard
Thursday 3th
Friday 4th Morpheus – Standard
Prometheus – Standard
Saturday 5th
Sunday 6th 11,43 km
Monday 7th
Tuesday 8th Morpheus – Standard
Metis – Standard
Prometheus – Standard
Wednesday 9th 15,02 km
Thursday 10th 20 km Isar-Trails
Friday 11th 16,2 km
Saturday 12th
Sunday 13th

26 – 5 = f*ck, f*ck, f*ck

Because of a 2nd cold I unfortunately hadn’t been able to do some long runs. I also felt totally exhausted after riding home although my office is less than six kilometres away. It fells like there is nearly no energy left and I’m not sure how to change that feeling. Beside that I’d been ill I’m wondering if I did too much during the first weeks or if I just started too late. 80 days for a marathon training indeed seemed to be not that much time and although there are still 26 days to go until the #RoadToHell42 itself you have to rest during the last days before the event. In a nutshell I might have less than three weeks for improving my running.

Making it count is easy.
No one ever said

For many years I’m taking sports serious. I try to do as much as possible but I’m thinking of it as a spare time activity and not really as sports in the meaning of a task. I do sports because I like it and not I have to do sports. Therefore I guess because I have to run and the clock is ticking I’m a little desperate and dull. Fortunately I know that I’ll have this problems before shorter distance runs too and that I won’t get to sleep the night before the run so there is a chance that I’m after all however doing it right. What do you think?

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