Roadtrip? Racetrack? Who cares it’s the new Mercedes-AMG A-Class 45


Like holiday destinations there are also cars which make more fun to drive than others. There are some cars which are build for the city, some are so called Sport Utility Vehicles and others are more like an army knife.

Within its model upgrading Stuttgart based automaker Mercedes-Benz presented the door opener of the Mercedes galaxy not only with a new exterior but also with some technical highlights. By using the new Dynamic Select system you’re able to change the lowered chassis. There are five different modes which makes driving more sporty or more comfortable. With the Mercedes connect me your driving experience will be supported by several add-ons like breakdown service or a driver’s logbook.

But as nice the updated A-Class is Markus from MBpassion and I only took this car to get to the real eye-candy – the new Mercedes-AMG A-Class 45. Together with the car-addicted people from Affalterbach Mercedes created a 381 PS fast 2 litres track-tool.

The four-cylinder engine doesn’t only make a sprint from 0km/h to 100km/h possible in 4,2km/h but it’s additionally again the fastest series compact car. Because of the excellent lowered chassis and the impressive response characteristic the new A-Class AMG 45 makes a lot of fun on the track for weekend and pro drivers both.

Apropos weekend. After we’d been able to test the AMG on the Lausitzring we’d additionally been able to do a little roadtrip with this army knife of a car. Hereby not enough we’d also been gifted with an elbaitgreen coloured test car. Believe me when it comes to colours I’m a bit special but this colour is just made for an AMG. The candy colour flatters the car body and adumbrates its liveliness. From Dresden we drove through Saxony and shortly passed the border of Czech Republic before we headed back to the International Airport of Dresden. Whether we’d been driving through the hilly region of Saxon Switzerland or the highway the AMG definitely had been true to its claim the best or nothing.

Thanks Mercedes-Benz and AMG for the invitation.

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