The small pleasures of life – Driving with smart to Budapest


When we become grown ups we often forget that life isn’t a 9 to 5 job where spare time is only allowed to happen at the weekends. We literally forget that we have the keys to freedom in our hands. Hereby I’m not talking about leaving everyone behind us and quit our jobs I’m more into regular time-outs. The small pleasures of life – Driving with smart to Budapest.

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.” ― Jack Kerouac

I put much effort into escaping daily business and I’m glad to realize that this helps me to get a different point of view and also to take some things more serious. Let’s call it my small pleasures of life. For example visiting a foreign city or just driving around with friends are pleasures which are important for me. These trips don’t have to take a long time sometimes a short trip is just enough, like a roadtrip from Vienna to Budapest.

The latter I’ve been recently been able to enjoy. Due to the introduction of the new smart fortwo cabrio smart invited several journalists to have a look at their new car. Within the update of the smart fortwo and smart forfour the Böblingen based car manufacturer also updated their topless beauty.

Say hello to the new family member”

On first sight the new cabrio looks like the normal smart fortwo. Only the small B column is a hint that this car is a cabrio. Within twelve seconds new smart shows true colors and you’re able to explore the city topless. Beside closed and open you can also decide if you want to own a 71PS or 90PS strong engine. Both do a good job and have a standard consumption at around 4,3 litres per 100 kilometres. As usual smart offers high quality for small pockets.

But celebrating the new smart fortwo cabrio just with a roadtrip through the beautiful countryside of Vienna and Budapest isn’t stage enough for smart. Therefore we drove without further ado to the 15th smarttimes. The festival takes place since 2000 and inspires smart-fans around the world to customize their beloved cars.

From dogs on wheels and saloon cars to modifications by well-known artists like Jeremy Scott the smarttimes captivates all kinds of people. Beside your local TÜV there aren’t any real restrictions regarding your modifications wherefore you’re able to see wonderfully weird cars. Additionally the audience is much more familiar in comparison to other tuning events therefore you definitely have to attend an upcoming smarttimes – maybe at smarttimes16 which will take place in Hamburg.

Thanks smart and Daimler AG for the invitation it’s again been a pleasure.

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