Garmin Forerunner 920xt – My companion on my #RoadToHell42


Within the last month I attended a half marathon, the Sixtus-Lauf, a trail running half marathon, and enrolled my first marathon. Although I hadn’t been able to attend more events I tried to put more focus on my running itself. I’m used to track myself and to improve my personal workflow.

Because of the fact that I don’t like to have too much equipment with me – therefore I love surfing but won’t try kitesurfing – I finally wanted to try smartwatches. I need feedback during my runs and listening to music is also very important too but I don’t want to have a look at my mobile phone or carry that weight all the time with me in general. Therefore I compared several products until I finally found an interesting one, the Garmin Forerunner 920xt.

The 920xt is able to track swimming, cycling and running data wherefore it’s just perfect for triathletes. Although I’m with cycling and running only some kind of biathlete I’d been impressed by the watch from the 1st moment on.

Hands on …

The watch feels very significant and handy. With its weight of 61g and a display size of 2,9 x 21cm it’s a nice-to-have-with-you gadget. You’re easily able to have a look at all necessary details while running without losing any comfort. The bracelet feels quite comfortable and doesn’t disturb during sports. By its six buttons, two left, right and bottom each, the Forerunner 920xt is easy and intuitive operable.

Run boy run. And have fun.

As I mentioned before the huge display shows all information needed. Actual pace, total pace, heart rate or example given lap-times are readable by day or night likewise. The vibrating alert gives you a feedback every kilometre so you don’t have to look at your watch all the time – I know it’s hard not too because the watch is really sexy. The Heart Rate Monitor belt is easy to use and feels comfortable too. I don’t like to feel like head cheese wherefore convenience is very important to me. Just after you put on the HRM the watch automatically connects with the belt and you’re ready to go.

Within the last days it got colder and colder wherefore a lot of people already transfered their running from outdoor to the treadmill. Due to the nice feature ‘Indoor running’ this won’t stop you and you’ll still be able to track your runs. Beside that you’re also able to use pre-installed trainings like the interval training. It nearly killed me also I thought that I’m quite sporty so I guess you’ll love this feature too.

Quantified self

As I mentioned earlier I’m into self tracking. I like to check-in via Swarm formerly known as 4square, and to have a look at my running history. Have I only been able to track distance and speed before am I now additionally able to track my heart rate, stride frequency or Vo2 rate. To be honest I never thought about things like my cadence, vertical oscillation or ground contact time. Don’t worry because a.) you don’t have to be a scientist to understand those data and b.) within your personal account all data is described very well.

Within the connect app on your mobile phone you’re already able to see a lot of data. You just have to connect your watch via bluetooth and wait a few seconds. After I’d connected the Forerunner once the following syncing session went really well. If you neither have a browser nor a mobile phone with you you don’t have to worry because the data presented on your watch itself is already enough to know – Pace, average pace, time and, if worn, heart rate too.

To buy or not to buy …

In a nutshell the Garmin Forerunner 920xt is a high-end gadget. It really helped me to improve my running and I’m really impressed by Garmin’s smartwatch. Although I don’t use all features, especially not the smartwatch notifications, I’m very impressed by that beauty. If you’re going to buy a watch and want to take sports more serious this is a definitely must-have.

Thanks Garmin Deutschland for the loaned device. I had a lot of fun with it and I’m glad that I’ve been able to test it.

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