#brauhausfahrt – On tour with Sixt Germany and BMW Motorcycles


Sometimes you’re bored of your everyday life. Although things you do are the ones that you’ve looked for you try to escape. You need to challenge yourself for a Pina Colada or a steak … #brauhausfahrt – On tour with Sixt Germany and BMW Motorcycles

After tasting the sweet nectar of life better known as riding a motorcycle earlier this year I just wanted to escape my daily life again. The fact that I don’t own a motorcycle at the moment thankfully isn’t a real problem because of the cooperation of Sixt Germany and BMW Motorcycles. Within the Sixt stations in Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Palma de Mallorca, Brussels and Zurich you’re able to rent some kind of freedom.

Due to an early winter and bad weather conditions in Bavaria my kind of escape could be neither a long nor a fast one. Instead of making life a ride with the impressive BMW R nineT I decided to have lunch with the wonderful BMW F 800 R. On Thursday morning I picked the motorcycle at the Sixt station and started my journey, a #brauhausfahrt. Although it’d been really cold I enjoyed the ride through the beautiful landscape of Bavaria. Thanks to 24helmets.de and Polo Motorrad who kept my head and upper body had been warm while I additionally was falling in love with the handlebar heating.

Even though I took the long way via Bad Tölz and Holzkirchen I reached my destination of the day really fast. If you haven’t been to Tegernsee yet you should definitely visit that lovely village. Especially in the summer it’s crowded by motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Europe.

After I’d arrived at Tegernsee I went to the Herzogliches Bräustüberl Tegernsee to enjoy a plate of mixed grilled meats. Meat, a motorcycle and a short road trip are indeed as nice as it sounds wherefore I surely continued exploring the Bavarian landscape. The BMW F 800 R is hereby your perfect partner in crime and as we’re all into looking good it’ll definitely suit you well. Maybe my Rockwell Be-Cool Evolution jacket and my BILTWELL Gringo-S LE Spectrum did a good job too but that’s a different story.

As quick as we fell in love as quick should our liaison end. Tough I was going to return the motorcycle to the Sixt station in Munich the following day I wanted to adopt it duly. Therefore I drove to my favorite coffee spot, the MAN VERSUS MACHINE coffee roasting company, where I enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee and the BMW’s countenance likewise.

Currently I’m sitting on my couch thinking about my next escape. I don’t know when I’ll escape and what my destination will be but I know that it’ll be on a motorcycle and if I don’t own one I’m going to borrow one from Sixt.

Thanks Sixt Deutschland for the ride and thanks 24helmets.de and Polo Motorrad for the support.

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