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A literally perfect weekend – One night at Mama Thresl


After working a lot and being away much I’d been looking forward to spend some time with my girlfriend. I hadn’t a real clue what to do until I found a newsletter in my inbox.

A year ago I stumbled upon a hotel located in Leogang, Austria. The accommodation looked like a mixture of wood and industrial design and conveyed a cozy, hang-loose-like impression. Right away I wanted to visit that hotel but unfortunately I hadn’t been able to because of a full schedule.

Relaxing in Austria …

The hotel which offered some nice cooperations with brands like GoPro or KTM now offered a Tesla test run. A beautiful car, a nice accommodation and everything just 150 kilometres away had been reason enough to finally pay the mama thresl a visit.

On Saturday we drove via Rosenheim to Leogang. The ride took a bit more than two hours and is storybook-like. The mama thresl is located at the foot of the Bikepark Leogang and Nitro Snowboardpark Leogang wherefore it’s easy to reach and additionally based at a hot spot.

A beauty from head to toe …

Once you’ve entered the hotel you are torn back and forth between being blown away by the interior design and feeling suddenly relaxed. The staff is kind and really tries to help you. Because of the fact that the mama thresl doesn’t offer any packages you only have to reserve a room and check-in. If you want to have breakfast you can go to the restaurant, enjoy breakfast and you’ll only be charged for that breakfast. If you want to have dinner or the BBQ you may have to reserve a table but you’ll only be charged if you actually have dinner. What seems to be a little bit confusing for people who are normally into half or full board is at least a really nice feature. You’re on vacation and there’s nothing you must have. If you like to eat in an alpine hut or a different restaurant it’s totally fine for the mama thresl.

Once you’ve checked in into your room you might want to skip your plans and stay there the rest of the day. The rooms are cozier than apartments I’d lived at. You’re able to enjoy the alpine panorama on the balcony or if it’s too cold from the inside. The bath is integrated into the room itself wherefore you’re safeguarded in front of anxiety. The people behind the hotel definitely know that you’re staying there to calm down.

Calm down …

Tags like live, love, laugh, be urban with soul are placed all over the accommodation because they’re convinced of that way of life. Once we’d left the room we had a look at the spa which is lovely too. You have an empty room where you’re able to calm down accompanied by a mind-blowing view of the Leogang mountain and you can use the panoramic heat which is a Finnish sauna. If you’re interested in a gym or a pool you might be disappointed but who is able to spend time in a gym after skiing or biking the whole day?

Due to all that comfort and delicious food I nearly forgot my test run. As expected the Tesla is an awesome car but instead of the mama thresl it needs an insane mode to impress.

To cut a long story short …

The mama thresl is indeed a wonderful hotel. It offers exactly the luxury you need to calm down and enjoy life. The food, the staff and the service is wonderful and believe me when I tell you that I didn’t want to leave. Thanks for that wonderful weekend and the invitation, I’ll be back.

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