Raseiniai – The new EP by electropop band CLAIRE


In September 2014 the Munich based electropop band Claire went on a short tour to the UK. After a long ride they’d finally arrived in London and headed straight to bed. The next morning they went to their van or at least to its parking spot. While they’d been sleeping their van including all instruments and equipment had been stolen.

Without their instrument they traveled back to Germany, not knowing what the future will bring. About three months later they received an anonymous call and an email with some information about their belongings. Somehow their property had supposed to be in Raseiniai, a small Lithuanian city. And indeed two weeks later the Lithuanian police called the band and told them that they’d found all their items.

Unfortunately they had to wait another four months until they’d finally been able to pick up our their beloved stuff. Although they fortunately had their instruments back they hadn’t really been sure how to deal with the incident itself.

„Losing our complete backline was quite a shock. It was not only a financial disaster, it felt like the backbone of our band had suddenly been taken away. We decided that the only thing we could do was to at least try to change this situation into something good. What came up, was the Idea of making of a movie.“1

Beside the movie which is divided into four different chapters the band had also been responsible for the soundtrack of ‚Raseiniai‘. Love, hate, pleasing, rebuffing, being lost and a happy end – the music and the movie generate a homogeneous artwork which searches its peers.

„The songs on this record and the movie are a fusion of all the stories our minds created, while we tried to imagine what actually might have happened. This EP is especially a dedication to all the people who helped us to realize this project and also to everyone who supported us on our way until now. We are really proud of what we have all created together.“2

While listening to Raseiniai you’re literally feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster. The EP and the movie totally convey the members‘ emotions especially the later one although they actually don’t take part in the movie. Like former works Claire creates a musical world of highs and lows where the audience is able to be afraid of deep sounds or to rejoice in their lead singer’s beautiful vocal power.

Raseiniai is available on vinyl, limited edition vinyl and as a digital download and should definitely be part of your music collection.

Image rights: Claire

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