Refugin – Social commitment meets Gin


Since I was a little boy scout I’m trying to Do a Good Turn Daily. Helping usually isn’t that hard and beside donating a few bugs for a good cause there are several ways to give proof of your social commitment.

Munich based agency owners Martin Eggert and David Stephan developed an even more interesting way to help fellows – Refugin. Refugin is a recently founded Gin brand which focuses on social projects for refugees.

Refugin = Refugees + Gin

As good as this idea is as high the quality is. The Gin inter alia consists of citruses, lavender, hops, coriander and juniper. All ingridients are 100% biological wherefore the Refugin could be declared as a biological one.

100% of the profit are donated for a local social project

Instead of paying the declaration for Bio Food the team behind Refugin invests 100% of the profit in their social projects. A 500ml bottle Refugin costs 39,90,-€ whereby, excluding the material costs, about 10,35,-€ are profit. The profit will be donated once a year by the Munich based brand to the SchlaU-School. This school is specialised on additional education for young refugees and offers classes for about 300 students. If you’re already looking for a Xmas present this could be the one – Cheers.

Image rights: Refugin

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