Driving the Mercedes-Benz GLS – The new premium SUV


For several years Florian and his best friend spent their christmas holidays at a skiresort. Because of the fact that they’re living in different parts of Germany this has been their personal quality time and somehow became a personal tradition. It’s just been them, a car and their equipment until they took their girlfriends with them last year.

Suddenly their beloved vehicle became as comfortable as a tube during Tokyo’s rush hour. The car was too small, underpowederd and additionally didn’t feel safe anymore. Getting to their hotel had been more exhausting than go skiing the following days. Although after being back home he hadn’t been able to calm down. Next year, he thought, we need a better ride.

A seven seater.

One with a usable 3rd row, ideally a seven seater so that you don’t have to use a 2nd car if you’re a group of six or seven. With a trunk that offers more room than only two water tanks. Maybe with 680L to 2.300L storage room. One which is also a sports and a utility vehicle, a SUV. That would be nice.

Comfort doesn’t has to be slow

Although he’d like to have enough room and comfort he’d been convinced to buy a fast car. Maybe a 4,7L V8, with 455Ps, a 4MATIC for being able to reach also the peak instead of the valley station. For long distances a 9-speed automatic transmission would be fine with different driving modes. Maybe Comfort, Sport, Slippery or Off-Road mode should work.

Florian already knew that overtaking sometimes is hard to control with a SUV wherefore he wanted a driving assistance system, something like an Active Curve System. That should be doable he thought. Maybe in March 2016 …

Thanks Mercedes-Benz for the invitation and letting us drive the new Mercedes-Benz GLS.

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