The deepest depths of the burrow – On tour with Nychos


One question during my art class and my art studies had been ‘what was the artist’s intention’. For being able to interpret an artwork we had to look at the fore- and background, the release date, the historical events and also the life of the artist. Unfortunately that task comes only with historical art but not cultural art like street art. Although this question might be wrong it offers the audience the possibility to get in contact with the artwork.

Graffiti belongs to the system

Vienna based artist and founder of the Rabbit Eye Movement Nychos always tried do explain that graffiti maybe isn’t against a system but rather part of the system. It has to be discussed if and how art evolves in different systems and if it helps a system to become better if it is influenced by foreign systems. To have a closer look at this shy animal called art Nychos traveled around the globe to have a look at ‘the deepest depths of the burrow’.

Travel to paint, paint to travel.

Recently he released the movie online on vimeo so that you’re able to go with him to places like Berlin, San Francisco, Copenhagen or e.g. Hawaii. ‘Travel to paint, paint to travel’ is hereby an important motto for the protagonist and featured artists like BUFF MONSTER, CONE THE WEIRD, DXTR THE WEIRD, JASPER WONG, LOOK THE WEIRD or VIDAM THE WEIRD.

The movie isn’t only art itself it also gives you a total new view on art and especially street art. Therefore you should definitely have a look at it.

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