Plain beauty – 50 years of Porsche ads


Since the early days of mankind it is not only important that you have a good product it is also important that you’re able to make it tasty. Ideally your product and presentation build a yin and yang – if your presentation is better than your product your customers would only buy things once but if your presentation is bad they maybe even don’t know what your product is.

I want a 911.

Hereby it is also important that your advertisement matches your product or you’ll loose your credibility, within this case your street credibility. Not only because I’m a huge fan of Porsche and want to own one within the next ten years I’m really into their kind of advertising. Their products better known as 911, Targa, Cayman or Macan are wonderful toys for boys. Everyone at Porsche is hereby responsible for an awesome job because it is the crastsmanship and knowledge that makes you dream of a GT3 RS or the upcoming 911 R.

Porsche 911 – a family car

Nevertheless the folks from Stuttgart also know how to promote their beauties. Additionally to the clean design of cars like the 911, which had been called 901 in 1964, the ads come with a lot of space and claims like “Imagine you meet your childhood sweetheart again. And everything is like it used to be.” Declaring the 911 as a family car also made me smile: “You can stay longer for breakfast. You will be back for dinner sooner”.

While the car itself hadn’t changed that much the ads had each been adjusted to contemporary art. While in 1964 pop art graphics and avant-garde design had been fashionable had the scene been more interested in minimal and concept art within the last years. Although other car brands did a good job too I think Porsche is the only one who challenged themselves with art instead of only refreshing their corporate identity.

Images: Porsche

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