Porsche Sounds – an audio picture book for petrolheads


As we all know we definitely also eat with our eyes. We love and admire beautiful people, artworks and also cars. Beauty hereby depends on the viewers mind but nevertheless we’re faster into something if it’s as beautiful as e.g. these Porsche ads.

Porsche – like the ultimate carporn

But what about an enjoyment of the other senses? What about something for the eyes and the ears? Recently Berlin based publishers EDEL AG just released such a beauty. With Porsche Sounds1 D. Landenberger created the first audio picture book that comes with real Porsche engine sounds.

Art meet craftsmanship

In combination to the beautiful prints of real legends you’re able to feel the spirit of HP Bolides like the 326 No. 1 Roadster, 550 A Spyder, 904 Carrera GTS or 911 GT3 Cup. This book is a well deserved homage to a mythos like Porsche.

The book contains contains 250 pages with more than 300 images. Accompanied by a CD with thirty tracks and about thirty minutes run-time for only € 49.95 (D) it is real must-have also if you’re not into the Stuttgart based automotive group. You’ll be able to enjoin partly unpublished images, illustrative stories about the brand and about early Motorsport successes.

Image rights: Edel AG

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