Born to run – A book that proves you’re made for running


What would you do if a doctor tells you, you should stop running? Would you accept it because you’re a lazy dude who doesn’t need sports, would you accept it or maybe start to do something about it? Approximately every runner nevertheless if pro or enthusiast suffers from a running injury once per year.

Never not running

I hadn’t been able to run from September 2014 to March 2015 and Christopher McDougall had been asked to stop running because his body wouldn’t be made for it.

When you’re a child you soon start crawling and walking by yourself. I can’t imagine any child who doesn’t at least starts running when their beloved parents come home so how can’t you be born to run? In search for an answer why McDougall’s feet nevertheless hurt he visited a doctor, and another one, and another one. Although he believed in the health system he couldn’t imagine that after thousands of years people suddenly shouldn’t be made for running anymore.

During his research he stumbled upon an Indian tribe which is well-known for its ability to run ultra distances of more than 100 miles. Without fancy running shoes and sports nutrition the so called Tarahumara are told to still today be able to depend on their skills. McDougall, as a journalist interested in facts, can’t wait any longer and starts to search for these fascinating people – but where? And what if the Tarahumara don’t want to talk to him?

It’s a non-fiction book that will kick your ass

By fluke a friend of mine recommended to have a look at the 2009 released non-fiction book ‘Born to run’ by Christopher McDougall1. Knowing and dealing with running injuries on my own while still trying to push myself e.g. for a marathon I totally understand McDougall’s quest for a solution. During his travel diary – book you’ll soon be able to understand that the story about the Tarahumara isn’t any magic or myth. Attending the Olympic Games in Amsterdam 1928 the Tarahumara had also been believed to win gold for Mexico. They fascinated a lot of people especially pro-runners but nobody had been able to have a look behind the curtain like McDougall had been in ‘Born to run’.

While reading this runner’s bible you’ll not only learn something about well-known stars like Scott Jurek, who also accompanies McDougall, but also about nutrition and determination. Born to run is a book for everyone because we are born to run. Just ‘think easy, light, smooth, and fast. You start with easy, because if that’s all you get, that’s not so bad…’

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