Graffiti and advertising – Ritzenhoff’s cooperation


Within the last years famous brands and agencies more and more tried to include graffiti in their campaigns. Beside famous testimonials or exclusive hotspots murals met with great popularity.

Brands should work with real artists

Converse, Aperol or Absolut Vodka example given already successfully worked with artists like Innerfields, The Weird crew or the Haus 75 dudes.

Although I know that this cooperation might stop one day I’m glad that huge brands invest in artists – befriended or not. Artists need that kind of support and if they’re able, beside e.g. corporate identity, are able to be faithful to themselves that kind of cooperation is totally fine. Instead of starting a discussion about the black and white of marketing I just want to encourage more companies to have a look at that kind of cooperation.

Ritzenhoff – An early adopter

German based glass manufacturer Ritzenhoff started such a sponsoring already in the late 90’s and asked some artists to design their products. Beside PETE or BOMBER also artists like LOOMIT and DAIM have been involved into this project. Another one has been SCUM aka Cemnoz aka David Kammerer – the new official for street art & graffiti for the city of Munich.

All images belong to the Ritzenhoff AG.

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