Take care of yourself – Why I spent two weeks in a hospital


Take care of yourself – what might seem natural and easy if you’re into sports and healthy food can be really hard. Also I had to learn that you suddenly might have to stay two weeks in a hospital.

I’m healthy

Within the last year I put much effort into my running and sport skills. I skipped the gym and totally moved to freeletics1. After already trying No Excuses!2, a 21 day workout plan without sports equipment, I just wanted to give freeletics a try and after nearly a half year I know that it’d been the right decision. I’m more sporty and agile which also helps me during my longer runs.

And there have been several longer runs within 2015, even a 26.1 miles one which I’m still proud of. Beside a hamstring I fortunately not had to deal with any injuries which I’m happy about. Nevertheless I maybe got a flu or two I’m not really able to remember. Unfortunately my body remembered them.

If you’re ill, you’re ill.

During the first weeks of December 2015 I got ill again. Nevertheless I got to work to be able to finish some projects within the remaining year. Somehow it worked out and I flew to my parents on December 23rd. As usually I took my running equipment with me, had I also been looking forward to eat some kilometres with my dad. On December 24th instead of Santa a flu had been knocking on the door, or more precisely knocked me down.

As usually you get seriously ill during your spare-time and this time it knocked me out like never before. I hadn’t been able to do any sports or something else. When I’d been back in Munich after the christmas holidays I worked from home but it’d been a total torment. As I’m not into medical examinations I tried to sit it out but that didn’t work out. On January 2nd I finally went to a doctor on call who gave me a transfer to the ambulance.

One hour later I’d been in the hospital. The doctor took several blood samples, gave me an infusion and showed me the room which should be mine for the next ten days – lucky me. Due to a combination of protracted illness and a virus my immune system had been totally knocked out. I never had that before and don’t want to welcome it in the future too.

If I’d taken care of myself more serious before and didn’t work or work out when I’d been ill maybe 2016 would have been more interesting for me up to now. Instead of running, partying or working I stayed ten days in a hospital, enjoyed an antibiotics cure and cardboardfood. It definitely could have been worse but also much better. On January 13th I’d finally been allowed to finish my hospitalcation and get back to my normal life.

The moral of a story – at first I’m happy that it hadn’t been something serious and that I’d been able to leave the hospital after ten days. Nevertheless I’ll try to take even more care of myself within the future. If something is seriously not possible I’ll just accept it, if I’m ill I’ll stay at home. Take care of yourself – what might seem easy maybe can be really hard.

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