Haus75 Annual Exhibition 2016

Haus 75 – 2016th Vernissage at Farbenladen


Last Saturday Matthias Mroos and Sebastian Wandl, better known as Munich based artist collective Haus 75, opened their annual exhibition at Feierwerk Farbenladen. Haus 75 – 2016th Vernissage at Farbenladen.

While some exhibitions are as dust-dry as their sparkling wine others are as entertaining as a good concert. The audience become friends and the dignified silence is replaced by joy, a suddenly quite natural environment created just by the exhibited artworks. The additional fact that the artworks seem to be from the same mould although both artists try to express their own style hereby make me raise my hat to them too.

Sebastian Wandl for example is really into body studies and figurative art. His girly-girls are childish sexbombs who neither seem to know the word reality nor duty. Although his work relies on a mixture of painting, illustration, comic and graffiti his photorealistic girls inherit something like a soul. Beside his style brand recognition hereby additionally comes with his recurrently used blue-purple-gold colour palette which suits the girls very well. What’s interesting is the fact that size doesn’t matter. His artworks are able to unfold their energy on a small postcard as well as a 3m² huge canvas.

Matthias Mross by contrast goes a different way. Instead of focusing on figurative art he is more into details in generall. Fascinated by dirt, cabins, density and anxiety his art often deals with the relationship of mankind and progress. While his loud colour palette might show a surreal and friendly environment the artwork shows the social injustices of mankind. This balancing act of bright coloured favellas or puppet masters creates an even more impressive aura than for example a dark and ghoulish scenery would be able to create. The fact that the abyss of mankind comes with a bright smile doesn’t make it any better.

Be smart, support art – as different as the artworks are also their size is. There are huge and small ones, proper for little and thick purses as well. If you haven’t been able to attend the opening you should attend the exhibition from January 22nd to 24th and January 29th to 31st in each case from 6pm to 9pm at the Feierwerk Farbenladen.

Hi, ich bin Florian. Meinen Kaffee und meine Kleidung mag ich eher Schwarz. Ich schaue gerne in die Ferne, laufe ihr dabei auch mal ein Stück entgegen. Mehr von mir findet ihr auf Instagram.

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