No meat for me – My first weeks without meat


To be honest I love good meat. I’m into the preparation, the taste and the meals you’re able to cook with meat. Nevertheless I’m trying to skip meat.

I love meat

Due to the fact that I already got in contact with cooking when I was a child, that I worked two years as an assistant cook during my school leaving examinations and that I just love food I think I’m able to say that I’m a cook-enthusiast. When I met my girlfriend about nine years ago she’d already been a vegetarian. She just hadn’t been into the taste of meat wherefore she skipped it and only ate fish and seafood. When we became a couple I still ate and prepared meat, somehow she liked my meals and started to eat meat again.

I don’t need to eat meat

It’s not that I thought that I have to eat meat. I like vegetarian, mostly asian, food. My grandparents have a farm wherefore I got into contact with good food and animal welfare very early. I appreciate high-quality meat and therefore carefully act accordingly, wherefore all in all I had meat maybe twice a week. I love the taste of a bloody steak, medium-rare burgers, beef wellington or red deer. Regarding to Michael Pollan’s Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual I tried to eat clean and neither eat ingredients I can’t spell nor shitty artificial food. Beside cheat days I think I’m convinced that my way of eating is mostly healthy.

Did I already mention that I love meat?

The question you might ask therefore is why am I trying not to eat meat since December 28th, 2015. After reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall I thought about changing my way of nutrition and sports nutrition. Due to the fact that I felt that I needed sugar during my long runs I took energy bars or gels with me every time I crossed the 20 kilometres mark. Below that I already relied on a banana and a spoon of peanut butter before every run. During McDougall’s book I came across Scott Jurek, ultrarunner and vegetarian, who is on a plant-based diet since 1999.

He didn’t change his way of eating because of a trend, which isn’t my reason too, he did so because he is into it. Recently he gave a radio interview on BBC Radio 4 where he talks about his carbon-rich vegan diet. I’m just a food and sports enthusiast nevertheless if I already ate little meat why shouldn’t I try to skip everything above sea level and have a look at what happens?

To cut a long story short I’m not into a vegan-diet and I’m not a vegetarian. I love meat but only high-quality meat. I’m into animal welfare and therefore I dislike people who are responsible for cheap meat and hereby unfortunately cruelty to animals. All in all it’s a personal project and I like to inform you how hard or easy this project can be.

One thing I can say up to now that it’ll be not as easy as expected. During a recent stay at a hospital for example I ate a Mousse au chocolate. After my second spoon I had a look at the ingredients and noticed that it unfortunately inherits calf skin gelatin. Why? If it’s for example trendy to be a vegetarian or at least eat veggie why must it be so hard to avoid meat or food with animal-based ingredients?

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