Zugspitz Ultratrail – Which distance should I enroll?


It’s stupid, let’s do it! – F. Junk – In less than 144 days the Zugspitz Ultratrail will take place near Garmisch and I’m going to enroll. But what distance should I run?

Just one more event. And one more

Due to the fact that I’m a running enthusiast and into any kind of distances, I recently thought about my next running events.
As I already enrolled in the Vienna Half Marathon, Wings for life Run, Copenhagen Marathon and Berlin Marathon I’m still looking for a 3rd marathon and also a trail running event. While I attended the Sixtus Lauf, a trail half marathon, last year I won’t make it this time because of the WFLR the next day. Although it had been more exhausting than expected I definitely enjoyed the run. Like the Olympic motto ‚faster, higher, stronger‘ I’m looking for something new this year.

As I’m really into stupid ideas and challenging myself I already thought about enrolling the Zugspitz Ultratrail in 2015. If you’re not specialised into a distance like I am the whole Utratrail distance is a real slap in your face. You can do a Basetrail (29km / 1.595vm), Basetrail XL (36,7km / 1.843vm), Supertrail (59,7km / 2.920vm), Supertrail XL (78,4km / 4.100vm) or the full Utraltrail distance (96,6km / 5.380vm). While the two Basetrail distances would definitely already be exhausting I want to do something different, but up to now I’m not sure what.

Supertrail or Supertrail XL?

Although I love stupid ideas enrolling for the whole Ultratrail distance maybe could be irresponsible. Just to the fact that my longest run had been the marathon distance the 100km could be way too much right now. So it’s up to me, and maybe you, to decide if I’ll enroll the Supertrail or Supertrail XL. The Supertrail will start in Leutasch – Weidach at 9:00 am whereby the finish closing wil be at 11:00 pm. All participants hereby have fourteen hours for the course whereby about 6,5 hours are expected. The Supertrail XL will start in Ehrwald at 8:00 am with a finish closing at 3.45 am the next day. Therefore you have nineteen hours for the 78,4 km long distance whereby 8,5 hours are expected.

Both distances could be doable although I’ll focus on a normal marathon training beside trail running sessions. So which one should I choose?

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