Freeletics – A high intensity training to go


A healthy mind needs a healthy body – due to the fact that we’re often like a fox on the run we’re not able to go to the gym to make sure we have a healthy body. Thankfully there is Freeletics – A high intensity training to go.

Although I enjoyed a lot of exercises like bench pressing or dead lifting I’d got really bored by the gym within the last year. I hadn’t been able to improve myself and I didn’t enjoy the gym itself wherefore I canceled my contract. Nevertheless I’d been into sports wherefore I tried Coach Seyit’s „No Excuses“1. I really liked the Cross-fit / army-like exercises but what to do after finishing the 21 day workout or making it a 42 day workout?

As I’d already downloaded freeletics at the beginning of 2015 I thought about giving it a try. At least one friend of mine had been into the app too wherefore I’d been able to ask him questions like how the workouts work and why are they sometimes so f*cking exhausting.

While functional-training for example is already trendy freeletics focuses on high-intensity training. Beside a pull-up-bar you need no equipment. Before your first workout you have to do a short fitness test where you have to do some workouts like pushups and after that value how exhausting it had been. If you felt that the workout had been fine you’ll be given a harder workout than if had been an exhausting training. You can choose between cardio, cardio & strength and strength workouts whereby I as a runner and free athlete mostly go for the cardio and strength one.

Freeletics – The coach

Due to the fact that the app is for men and women both you’ll get different workouts so don’t worry – nevertheless a burpee is a burpee. Freeletics can be downloaded and used for free but if you want to do it serious you sign up for the coach. The coach2 is a 52 weeks workout which can be changed weekly. You can choose how many workouts you want to do within a week, whereby a freeletics week can start at any day and goes at least five days, and what you want to focus on. Hereby you’re offered about twenty-nine workouts divided into the three groups endurance, standard and strength. Each workout is different and more or less exhausting.

Although they each have lovely greek names like Aphrodite they’re based on a high-intensity training. Within ten to fivty minutes, depending on the workout and your skills, you’ll get to know what that means. As I’d been already sporty, or at least thought that I am, the workouts sometimes are like a slap in your face. 100 burpees, 125 lunges, 150 climbers, 125 sit-ups, 150 climbers, 125 lunges, 100 burpees aka Helios is only one workout which must be done at once – quitting is no option. Give it a try, have fun and sweat baby sweat.

Outfit: Asics – fuzeX
Photos: Inger Diederich
Training partner: Kai van Heldth

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  2. If you sign up for the coach I receive two coach-weeks for free. thanks