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Asics fuzeX – Running gear for all who want it more


As individual as running distances are as individual are running techniques and a runner’s lifestyle. Sometimes when you leave work and have an appointment at a bar you just want to go for a short run too – you want it more.

For being able to serve that special desire you need some special equipment. The age of running-only shoes has come to an end but there still has to be the right solution for this new generation of running gear. The new Asics fuzeX collection is hereby the right one for this generation of runners. The fuzeX collection combines performance and style both and offers a huge range of clothes and shoes to serve your desires.

Don’t want it, want it more!

Responsible for this new way of running is the so called fuzeGel-technology. Developed in Kobe, Japan, Asics created a gel which replaces the usual middle sole with a lightweight gel. Hereby the safety and stability is the same as usual but with a proper feeling and way more track-control. Instead of SOLYTE – Visible Gel – SOLYTE as we already have it with the Gel-Kayano 22 the fuzeX just comes with a Visible-Gel sole. Together with the molded engineered MESH-Upper the fuzeX weighs only 280 g, the fuzeX LYTE with the Engineered-MESH-Upper weighs only 270 g. Hereby the shoe, which is suitable for all distances can easily be used as a competition shoe too.

The 3D-Upper is also able to dispense the power which acts on your foot during an impact even. Due to that you have an lightweight functional running shoe which finally fits to your lifestyle. Office, gym, bar, track and field – the possibilities are limitless.

The additionally available collection of clothes pursues the aim of lightweight running gear too. Fresh colours, new styles and lightweight high-functional materials which let you focus on the important things – winning. Don’t just want it, want it more!

Outfit: Asics – fuzeX
Photos: Inger Diederich

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