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Asics fuzeX – Running gear for all who want it more

Asics fuzeX

As individual as running distances are as individual are running techniques and a runner’s lifestyle. Sometimes when you leave work and have an appointment at a bar you just want to go for a short run too – you want it more.

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Zugspitz Ultratrail – Which distance should I enroll?

Zugspitz Ultratrail

It’s stupid, let’s do it! – F. Junk – In less than 144 days the Zugspitz Ultratrail will take place near Garmisch and I’m going to enroll. But what distance should I run?

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Born to run – A book that proves you’re made for running

born to run cover

What would you do if a doctor tells you, you should stop running? Would you accept it because you’re a lazy dude who doesn’t need sports, would you accept it or maybe start to do something about it? Approximately every runner nevertheless if pro or enthusiast suffers from a running injury once per year.

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