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Edvard Munch – Mystery behind the canvas (exhibition)

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In 2005 the Edvard Munch Museum in Oslo had the idea to refresh Munch‘s catalogue raisonné. Therefor they contacted museums all over the world which owned an artwork of Munch, inter alia the Bremen art gallery. This was the beginning of a strange story.


In 1918 Emil Waldmann, director of Bremen art gallery, bought „Child and Death“ for about 20.000 goldmark. It was the first Munch painting in a German museum and also one of the first Munch paintings ever which entered a public collection. „Child and Death“ from 1899 itself is an impressive oil painting which includes a lot of different phases of the norwegian painter and pioneer of modern art, but it should contain a bigger treasure than Waldmann had imagined.


Only by the request to examine the painting for a new catalogue raisonné, conservators had a closer look at the more than 100 years old artwork. A radiograph displayed a second canvas behind „Child and Death“ with a formerly unknown composition. The newly discovered painting „Girl and three male heads“ faces a nude girl against three stylized male heads and hereby seems to be a total antonym to the first canvas. „Child and Death“ in some ways displays the circle of life. On the surface it shows a child and her dead mother, in depth Munch unites symbols for innocence, love and desire in the hidden artwork. Special about „Girl and three male heads“ is also the fact, that Munch infixed such a dark representativeness. The confrontation of the angst-inducing male heads and the inwardly destroyed appearing girl opens a new area of analysis according to the artist‘s Œuvre.


This is underlined by Dr. Dorothee Hansen, exhibition curator, who states that “the exhibition explores Munch’s motifs and his pictorial language and examines the two Bremen paintings within the context of his work in general.”
Accompanied by the exhibition,“Love, Fear, and Death in Works by Edvard Munch’s Contemporaries. Max Klinger, Odilon Redon, Félicien Rops, Félix Vallotton and others”, which was curated by Dr. Anne Buschhoff, the Kunsthalle gives a good outline of Munch‘s “Frieze of Life” which deals inter alia with love, life, death, sexuality and fear.


The exhibition „Edvard Munch – Mystery behind the canvas“ presents more than 70 major works, including paintings as well as drawings and prints and can be visited in Bremen until February 26th, 2012.




credits: Edvard Munch – Girl and three male heads via Kunsthalle Bremen

Track of the Week (74) feat. Gentlehands

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On trackosaurusrex I triped over the new pwd video “Come Ride With Us”. The video tells a story of a girl and her afternoon with a bike. Gentlehands chaperon the girl with their lovely music.

Gentlehands is an american band, consisting of Julia Bembenek (guitars, vox), Maud Deitch (vox, guitars), Dave Lewis (bass) and Abe Burns (drums). The four musicians exist as Gentlehands since 2009 and have published three tracks on their Soundcloud Site. For me, it is the perfect music for a wonderful summer day with friends. I like their laid-back style and also the voice of Julia.

For John B by gentlehands

Radio VRU – Episode 17 – Peace On Demand

“17 Jahr, blondes Haar, so stand sie vor mir” und Fürwahr, die bereits 17, in Worten siebzehnte, Folge der RadioVRU Reihe klingt teilweise wie ein knisterndes Date mit einer jungen weiblichen Schönheit. Während uns die Rolling Stones “stoned” zu sehen, lässt Alexis Taylor’s “Girl” langsam zur Musik die Hüften kreisen.

Manchmal glaube ich, Julius war das Vorbild für Huggy Bear.

Radio Vru – Episode 17 – Peace On Demand by Vruberlin on Mixcloud

01 – Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsalm
02 – Alexis Taylor – Girl
03 – Radioactiveman – Up In The Air
04 – Bent – To Be Loved
05 – Superpitcher – Happiness
06 – Shadow Dancer – Parallax
07 – Télépopmusik – Smile
08 – Rolling Stones – Stoned

Emilio Rojas Ft. Mickey Factz – Ex-Girl (NSFW)

Man nehme zwei Hip Hop Musiker, ein paar hübsche Frauen, etwas Musik und schon hat man ein sehenswertes Video, so zumindest in diesem Falle. Die Musiker sind der in Rochester geborene Emilio Rojas sowie Mickey Factz.

Rojas Track “Ex-Girl” wirkt wie eine musikalische Mischung aus Jay-Z und Kanye West mit der Aggressivität von Künstlern wie Public Enemy. Zusammen mit Derek Pike entstand, durch Inspiration durch “030” von The Good The Bad, ein fullminantes Feuerwerk der Hip Hop Musik, welchem sich selbst Personen ohne Ex-Girl hingeben sollten.

Emilio Rojas Ft. Mickey Factz, “Ex-Girl” from Erojasmanagement on Vimeo.

(via Nilzenburger)

Girls and bicycles

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A lot of men are interested in big engines and hot, less dressed, girls. I also like to see a tuned car or a beautiful girl, but I´m bound to say that girls with more clothes and a bicycle or a vespa can also be very attractive. To help you to catch my drift, I want to show you some nice pictures and a music video from Anne Flore, a french musician.

Perhaps it is the whole atmosphere that comes with the combination of girls and bicycles, the city or the sun in the background, the colours or just the easiness that lives within the pictures, but by watching them I always get in a better mood. It is fascinating, you feel the world go round and also an inner desire to go outside.

Anne Flore, clip ” En vespa “ from david wolfer cadreur on Vimeo.

Pictures by Lorena Cupcake, iPhaty, ecstaticist, stari4ek and others.

Queen Anne Court – Wohnungen verkaufen mit sexy Girls

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Die dunkelhaarige Schönheit sitzt leicht bekleidet am Stuhl gefesselt. Ihre Hände sind verbunden & sie kann nur via 911 Hilfe rufen. Ziemlich verzweifelt & doch mit einem Gedanken an die “fünf W´s” bei einem Unfall erklärt sie dem Notruf ihre Lage sowie den Ort in dem selbige sich befindet.

Ob ein Stalker sie in dem Haus gefangen genommen hat erfährt man nicht, lediglich das er die Schönheit in eine luxuriöse Villa eingesperrt hat. Doch dank der Besonnenheit der Protagonistin sowie dem beherzten Eingreifen des SWAT Teams kann sie gerettet werden, alles endet in einem Happy End. Selbst der Zuschauer erlebt ein Happy End, kann er doch die luxus Villa, die uns durch die Schönheit vorgestellt wurde, erwerben. “15 Queen Anne Court” ist nämlich ein Werbevideo der australischen Maklerfirma neoproperty. Getreu dem Motto “Sex Sells”, gemischt mit einer Prise Humor, bieten uns Jenkins & Adrian ihre Häuser zum Kauf an & nehmen uns einen langweiligen Besichtigungstermin auf interessante Weise vorweg. Daumen hoch, so fällt Werbung auf.