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PRIZM of the night – Dank Oakley snowboarden in HD

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Oakley PRIZM

Wie eine Klinge über einen Messerschleifer, ziehe ich meine Kanten durch den Schnee. Während die Zeit unaufhörlich läuft, hinterlasse ich Spuren, die meine Existenz bezeugen. PRIZM of the night – Dank Oakley snowboarden in HD.

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Skiing and sightseeing in Bavaria

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Although we all like our job we wouldn’t trade five minutes of spare-time for one hour of work. Leisure time is very important to me and I’m not into spending that time with being a couch-potato. Last friday I checked the forecast and the predictions had been very well for nearby skiing regions. So after a short night and a bloody fight with my snooze button I went to the skiing arena Spitzingsee Alpenbahnen.

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#seasonopener 2014th/2015th – Winter finally arrived

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Since I’ve been 2 years old I never spent less days on skis or a snowboard than I did during the 2013th/2014th season. Maybe fate thought “This should not happen again” wherefore I moved to Munich in March 2014. Beside a short day at the Zugspitze and two days in Solda accompanied by a stupid injury in the snow park the season was definitely over.

Forget about the past – change the future!

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