Bright spot …

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A german byword says that “The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse”. The only thing I ride is my bike wherefore I’m the wrong person to confirm that quote but perhaps some people say so because they get closer to the clouds on a horse’s back.

I’m always happy at the top of the mountains. When I reached the summit. And amusingly I’m angry at myself when I have to interrupt my hike. My work. My efforts. It doesn’t matter if it’s wise to interrupt my efforts because of the weather or any outside influences. It’s just hard for me to be happy if things have to be cancelled. If things have to be cancelled they are not finished. And I haven’t reached the summit.

There is a peak at every summit so that people can go home. Finish your project, your trail and demand yourself to reach an aim also if it’s a small one. Do the hike, reach the top. Grab the f*cking clouds and get sunburned at the bright spot called success. And return home to prepare for the next task. Happily.

This picture was taken at my 2nd hike at the Kampenwand. I still haven’t reached the peak but I’ll try to reach it again and again.

Switch off. Chiemsee.

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The city that whirs in my ears.
The city that keeps me alive.
The city that keeps me awake.
The city that nearly never sleeps.
Also its citizens call it a village.


The city that is next to silence. Silence that charges my batteries.
Silence that frees my mind. Silence that makes my heart breathe.



City. Silence.
A necessary opposite.




Pretzel time – Arsek and Erase

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If there would be a bavarian cookie monster the Four Plus crew members Arsek and Erase definitely would have pleased it.

Well at least if their Bulgarian pretzel wouldn’t eat the cookie monster first.




Mr. Woodland ft. Dater127 and Pixeljuice

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Beside his remittance work Mr. Woodland is currently also pushing his own art projet near Theresienwiese called Westend-Stories. Additionaly to his Wiesn mural with ERASE & ARSEK, Malakkai, Danjer and Herr von Bias he also did some walls with Stick up Kids and Love Letters crew member Dater 127 and Pixeljuice.



“Home is where the heart is …” has been the 1st collab between Mr. Woodland and Pixeljuice whereby it definitely has not to be the last one. Pixeljuice’s hermit crab is indeed a nice co-driver for Mr. Woodland’s move-out mural.



Mr. Woodland’s slug is in fact the most colourful and boozed one I’ve seen so far whereby it perfetly suits Dater’s style writing. It is not for nothing that he is a member of the Love Letters and SUK.


Artview Pinakotheken Munich

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What I like about art is the fact that everyone is able to form their own opinion. Whether you’re an expert or just into colours, styles or your teacher / parents call on you to visit an exhibition; everyone is able to decide if he likes the picture or why not.



Munich hereby is a great host. Beside a lot of exhibitions the city serves lovely cultural offerings like Jüdisches Museum, the Lensbachhaus, the BMW Museum, the Haus der Kunst or the Kunstareal with the Pinakotheken.



To document the relationship between art and the audience I started a series called Artview. This time with some photos I took during several visits at the Pinakotheken.




Beside the very good permanent exhibition and the nice selection of special exhibitions the Sunday special is one of the things I appreciate most. Every Sunday all visitors only have to pay 1,-€ admission charge. Hereby people with maybe a small time bucket and for sure people with less money are able to nurture their cultural education. Chapeau!




Wiesn – the graffiti edition by Mr. Woodland and friends

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A few weeks ago the 181st Oktoberfest took place in Munich. Although it hasn’t been a Rekord-Wiesn it was a lovely fair with a lot of beer.

What most of the guests didn’t know is the fact that some artists already had celebrated their own Oktoberfest near Theresienwiese. Therefore Munich based artist Mr. Woodland invited ERASE & ARSEK from Four Plus, Malakkai, Danjer and THE WEIRD CREW member Herr von Bias to paint a bizarre mural.




Whether it was by fluke or just the right touch how Mr. Woodland casted the dudes but by the first glimpse you are dumbfound. The bright colours, the mind-blowing style and the fact that everything just seems to be done by one artists is a proof for their damn skills.



Due to the fact that I was nearly starving for a coloured environment since I moved to Munich I’m more than happy to find some jewels like this one every now and then.




The Bayerisches Fernsehen additionally published a short video including some interviews about Mr. Woodland’s art project.

Rhône Glacier near Furka Pass

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During our last vacation in Valais, Switzerland we inter alia crossed the Furka Pass in the south of Switzerland. Although I crossed it myself for the 1st time I’ve been James Bond’s co-driver in mind during his trip at the Furka Pass.


Next to the Furka Pass road in the far eastern end of the Swiss canton of Valais 1 we stumbled across the source of the river Rhône, the Rhône Glacier. The access to the glacier is at about 2.300 m.a.s.l. whereby its summit the so called Dammastock is at about 3.630 m.a.s.l..


Next to the access is a tourist information and a Grand-Budapest-Hotel-like-hotel the Belvedere. The hotel was built between 1882 and 1903 and is more than 130 years old.


As pretty and breathtaking such a glacier is it’s as sad how you’re able to see it melt down. In 2006 the glacier which is one of the primary contributors to Lake Geneva 2 melted down between 12 to 15 feet a day. 3


If you’re into sustainability and alpine tourism or just want to have more information about climate change I recommend the Alpen unter Druck (The Alps under pressure) exhibition curated by the Deutscher Alpenverein DAV (German Alps Club). They additionally published an e-paper for their exhibition (available in German only).