Platzangst – progressive freeride

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Since the beginning of mankind human beings are looking for freedom and to live in peace with nature. While pushing your bike through nature you compete with yourself, daily stress and your environment. Higher – faster – further. Just driven by a certain agoraphobia.


Because of the fact that riding thorugh the woods or a bike park in a tuxedo sucks a few commited drivers started in 1999 to create high functional and well designed apparel. As they’ve always been peering for freedom they named their dream which has become real after one of their biggest fears: Platzangst.



“Platzangst – …this idea came from our own desire to feel free to compromise to conquer his own fears in order to follow the urge for freedom can be carefree.”

Since 2010 riders are able to buy high quality products with an excellent price-performance also via their professional online shop. They inter alia got the 2nd place for garment at the FREERIDE Reader’s Award 2011 and the 3rd place for garment at the MTB Rider Reader’s Award 2011.



Fortunately they offered me their DFL jacket / pants and their CROSSFLEX jacket / pants which I inter alia tested at Rotwand, Valais, my home trails and my shower. All of their products are definitely well manufactured. You’re able to have a comfort ride neither with that 90’s hip hop look nor with endless adjusting. All clothes are high functional therefore you don’t feel like sitting in a sauna or wearing a rag rug. Beside that they offer intelligently placed pockets and zippers. If you’re not yet conviced you should definitely try Platzangst apparel on your own – as I already told – they offer their products for an excellent price-performance.


To get more into their work I recommend to have a look at their facebook page or their news section. More pictures can inter alia be found on my instagram profile.



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50km to the south of Munich is a wonderful lake called Tegernsee. It’s a “Zungenbecken lake in the Bavarian Alps” 1 and about 6.5 kilometres x 1.4 kilometres huge. Beside swimming, cycling and hiking you can enjoy a delicious knuckle of pork and Tegernseer beer at the lovely Braustüberl. Prost!






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Some while ago I stumbled over a hiking trail from Lenggries to Benediktbeuern by fluke. The trail guides via some slopes to Brauneck, Latschenkopf peak, Achselköpfe peak and Rotöhrsattel to Benediktenwand. The trail inherits about 2.400 metres in altitude and is about 28km long or to cut a long story short it’s a bit exhausting for a day-hike but definitely worth it. Within the next days I’ll post a few more pictures of recent hikes. Munich is just a perfect spring board for some mountain action.





Absolut Vodka presents AbsolutMunich

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True to the claim “celebrate the art hidden in your neighbourhood” Absolut Vodka throwed a party at a secret location near Munich last weekend. For #AbsolutMunich the well-known brand asked seven Munich based artists to beautify an abandoned mansion while the crowd has been asked to name typical Munich ingredients which had inter alia been used by Axel Klubescheidt for “the Taste of Munich” drinks.





As the audience already had been able to track the mansion’s transformation via facebook and instagram the event itself started on saturday afternoon. By chance you had to receive a guestlist spot and a seat in one of the shuttle coaches to get to the secret location near Munich and therefore attend the party.





Accompanied by the sound of Kill the Tills, Mike Skinner (Special DJ-Set) and Julietta the crowd was well received by the art of Ewald Wildtraut, Sebastian Wandl and Matthias Mross from the artist collective Haus75, Betty Mü, Jessica Kallage Götze, Philipp Frank, Patrick Hartl and last but not least the Munich based tattoo studio Farbenpracht.





Within the two-floors huge mansion and a giant garden the audience had been able to enjoy tasty drinks like the Swedish Mule, eat delicious pretzel burgers or just have a chat with the artists and bartenders. To cut a long story short it’s been a wonderful and well-organised party and I’m already looking forward to the next episode. Kind regards hereby to my chummy artists and Kudos to Munich based agency laut von leise for the excelent execution!








RAD COMPANY – German premiere by Zoopercrew

About one week ago Munich based Zoopercew celebrated the German premiere of Brandon Semenuk‘s RAD COMPANY at the Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor.

For his new movie Semenuk inter alia teamed up with Yannick Granieri, Thomas Genon, Stevie Smith, Cam Zink, Brendan Fairclough, Ryan “R-Dog”Howard, Cam McCaul and Logan Peat. To cope with such a good cast NWD Films, Red Bull Media House and some of the top cinematographers without further ado moved to unique spots like Fiji, Retallack BC, Sunshine Coast BC, Pemberton BC or Kamloops BC.





Beside an awesome movie the dudes from Zoopercrew also had an ace up their sleeves. Due to some kind sponsorings by evoc, ION Bike, Amazing Shop and gifts like backpacks, protective clothing, outfits and accessoires were given to the crowd.




If you still aren’t sure if you should watch Semenuk’s new baby own your own you maybe become convinced by the press relaese:
“Brandon Semenuk’s RAD COMPANY will take the audience on a high performance visual ride. Stunning imagery, progressive freeride action, a plethora of mountain bike riding and filming styles with cutting edge visual effects- the film will pick up where the iconic NWD franchise ended nearly five years ago. “


I’m already looking forward to their next movie night and you should be too!

Stroke Art Fair – The Anniversary / a clearance

A few weeks ago the Stroke Art Fair again took place in Munich and celebrated its 5th anniversary. All in all it’s been a nice event and I was able to meet old and new friends but nevertheless I wasn’t sure if I should write a review.


Within the last years I’ve attended several Strokes, graffiti events, exhibitions and beside that also studied something with art. Had I at least been able to get to know the Stroke as Urban Art Fair it’s now only an Art Fair and that is – maybe my – problem. I honour and maybe admire the Schwalbe brothers for the blood, sweat and tears they invested in their projects e.g. the Stroke and the Intoxicated Demons. But there are a lot of things I’m not able to back.


The Stroke has always been a place where people like you and me are able to get in contact with talented and friendly urban artists (the real ones not the people who print a Banksy stencil at home to put it on their school’s toilet) and to get a glimpse behind the art market’s curtain. It has just been what it was called – an Urban Art Fair – maybe like the friendly and honest little brother of an art cologne.


Maybe it’s because success follows passion and passion after a while follows money or they forgot their footing but the fair now only seems to still be the little brother but without his positive attitude. E.g. the artists aren’t allowed to show art works at the Stroke which have been exhibited at another show before. That maybe doesn’t sound weird at first but think of the artists who have to pay their rent by selling pieces and a.) aren’t able to maybe do less work for the Stroke because they already have one or two pieces left from other exhibitions and b.) they are therefore not able to do additional work for “real” clients. Of course they have to pay for their booth and I think that there also comes a fee with every sold art work.


Have you been able to sit at the boothes and have a chat with the artists after the Fair officially has already closed its doors within the last years we have this time been turned adrift already 5 minutes before the official closing time. I know there are security instructions and they also want to call it a day after an exhausting job but these are the small details that made me feel uncomfortable when I visited that little brother.


I know that life is not a bed of roses and this is just business but the old concept already worked out and I and a lot of artists definitely enjoyed the old version much more.
tl;dr: I like art and also respect the art market but I don’t have the feeling that the market repects neither the artist nor the buyer anymore. Please again become a bit more palpable than lordly.

Best regards to the Haus75 guys and the people of Innerfields and Affenfaust.

Rotation curation – New to Munich

I have to admit that I’m in love with twitter. The social network or more precisely mircoblog with its character boundary of 140 signs – even less than a SMS – is just perfect to engage with people and friends all over the world, to stay informed and sometimes maybe even to give the nonsense stuff in your head a valve. I think my twitter profile illustrates that very well.



Before I recently moved to Munich I studied and worked in Bremen. There I also got in contact with the idea of rotation curation: “Rotation Curation, also #RotationCuration, is the concept of rotating the spokesperson on a broad scoped social media account. Such a scope can be a location, a country, an organization, a group, and so on. The concept is prominent on Twitter, but has also been ported to Instagram.”1

I for example attended the Iam_bremen rotation curation and was responsible for week 16. Within that week i gave an insight into my daily life, my personal hotspots and so on. All in all it was an interesting project and I liked to be part of it.

When I started my personal travel diary press-pause I created an additional facebook page and a twitter account. To be honest I wasn’t really sure if I’d need a twitter account until I new that I’ll move to Munich. Since that moment I’m every now and then tweeting about the fact that I’m “New to Munich“. Either if it’s about sports e.g. like basketball or ice hockey, spare time events or cultural highlights you’ll definitely get a nice and personal insight of Munich.



Because of the fact that I’m still into the idea of rotation curation, that I want to know more hotspots and the fact that sharing is caring I had the idea to lend you, you and you over there my twitter account New to Munich for one week each. I know that there already has been a rotation curation project for Munich called Munich loves U but nevertheless I want to give it a try.

So if you like the idea or maybe not just send me a tweet to junk_f or New to Munich.